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Garrett Harper - Financial Planner

Garrett has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and brings a unique background to the financial business. Having an entrepreneurial heart he previously owned a successful small business that he sold in 2009 to pursue a personal goal to help others achieve their financial dreams. In 2010 he partnered with New York Life and as with his previous business, has worked hard to build a successful company built on referrals.

He is committed to helping provide individuals, families, and businesses with the appropriate products & services to help meet their financial needs. Being strictly referral based means that you as a customer are satisfied enough with your financial strategies to have other friends and families taken care of by Garrett and his team.

Garrett married Humbelina in 2002 and together they have four children.  Joaquin, Sofia, Aurora, and Adelina.

Garrett's biggest hobby is his children. He is involved with his church and various community organizations.


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